Our Background

Life Rejuvenation Africa (LRA) is a Non Governmantal Organisation (NGO) officially registered to operate in Uganda with in 2014 and Luwero being its pioneer District Fully established and functional LRA offices officially opened in Wobulenzi, Luwero.

LRA has also capitalized on strengthening the capacity of four sub-counties (in Kamira, Kikusa, Bututumula and Makulubita). So far a total of 848 (320 males, 528 females) community members and 234 (100 males, 134 females) farmers have benefited from the organization on providing information on raising awareness needed for conserving and preserving the biodiversity through institutions and community organizations. This has been achieved through church sessions, community leaders mobilizing people for different sessions, local radios that run different information with an intention of sensitizing on different projects run by LRA and in return we have received a good number of people visiting our offices for more details.

Our Address


Luwero Diocese, Planning and Development Offices
Rev.Kasana Godfrey. National Coordinator Uganda,
Mob: +256 772 653 590
P.0 BOX: 4187 Kampala, Uganda/

Social Mentions

Thank you Life Rejuvenation Africa
for promoting the people in rural areas
and empowering the Youth through different activities.