A Collective Effort to Raise funds for running projects

Solar Powered Safe Drinking Water

AfriSwe & LRA together with Krentzel the solar energy manufacturer in Bremen Germany with the purpose of designing and developing the basic solar products and accessories intended to improve on rural developing communities for power, clean water and irrigation systems to support the initiated projects in agribusiness and entrepreneurship..

$0 raised $1000000 total

Agriculture & Food Security

Coffee and Cocoa farming for long-term benefit with small-scale farmers holding own lands and have no capacity to utilize it…

Poultry and Mushroom Farming: Due to losses caused by the Covid-19 epidemic virus and consequent locust attack across the country, we are struggling to get the projects up and running….

Activities in vegetable production..


$400 raised $40000 total

Small-scale Entrepreneurs – Schools

St George Nursery & Primary School Mwera in Central Region of Uganda. Bizige Junior School Mubende in Central Region of Uganda. Highway Primary School Bulambuli, Eastern Region of Uganda..

$200 raised $100000 total

Biotechnology system project

The project was initiated to help improve on seedling qualities as well as germinating the native species that will allow replanting seedling reserved from their harvest for the next season and this will save small-scale farmers from the costs always incurred in buying seedlings every season..

$0 raised $200000 total

Youth Skills & Training

Youths receive technical vocation training in brick laying and concrete practice both boys and girls to help them acquire a skill in life.

The Art and Craft Project targets young people to become practical and enterprising. They will prepare pieces of Art for Income generation with the guidance and auspice, By Harriet and Robert Dinkins..

$0 raised $50000 total

Tree Planting Project

LRA has established plant nurseries for a diversified tree species for fruits, herbal and timber among others in selected communities, with women, youth and children at the fore front of the model involving the institutions like schools, churches, mosques, health centers, private sectors and other partners to support the development of tree planting and preparing tree seedlings nurseries practices that will contribute to improving the economic well-being of the people and stability of the environment of Luwero district and the country at large.

$1000 raised $100000 total