Life Rejuvenation Africa (LRA) is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) officially registered to operate in Uganda with (ref: S.5914/10865) in 2014 and Luwero being its pioneer District. The vision of the organization is to observe flourished, saved and secure communities. The mission of the organization is to establish strong hardworking generations that will passionately take on the lead to the anticipated great future of our cultures, environment and communities.

Life Rejuvenation Africa mainly targets the women, youth and children in the society. LRA's broad objectives include:

To sensitize people about the importance of the conservation of the environment.
To introduce as well as teaching on the safe modern farming methods for high productivity to address the food security and family income issues.
To extend clean safe water as well as water preservation to be used in dry season for both domestic and farming activities.
To provide a Historical Organizational Development of various cultures and institutions.
To identify, facilitate and supplementing the exceptional programs intended for promoting and improving the women, youth and children wellbeing and cultural heritage.

In the fiscal year 2016/17, LRA has created good working relationships with local governments, CSOs, schools, guardians/parents and entire communities. It has also put in place mechanisms to ensure sustainability of its interventions and results, highlighted below.

LRA has further capitalized on strengthening the capacity of four sub-counties (in Kamira, Kikusa, Bututumula and Makulubita). we have provided information on raising awareness needed for conserving and preserving the biodiversity through institutions and community organizations.

Through church sessions, community leaders mobilizing people, local radios that run different information with an intention of sensitizing on different projects run by LRA and in return we have received a good number of people visiting our offices for more details.

LRA gives out these trees free of charge to only those people confirmed that they have understood well our strategy and ready to adhere to the agreed on regulations. We have alternative projects which are intended to help in address the cause of massive tree cutting as a way of protecting and supporting the tree plantation project.

The organization has formed a consortium with Uganda Youth Skill Training Organization (UYSTO) and Luwero Diocese and this consortium is mainly focusing on Integrated Fish Farming in Uganda and our aim is to increase on the production of fish in Uganda and job creation.